Designing Energy Markets of the Future

02 Mar 2017 | By Rebekah Shirley
A survey of leading decentralized renewable energy companies has revealed the practitioner's view of priority policies for market growth. Power for All’s Director of Research, Dr Rebekah Shirley, runs through her team's analysis, and highlights the actions that will activate markets, and drive energy access.


Africa Energy Indaba
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Johanna Diecker

Global to Local: Access Update Around the World

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Notes from the Frontline: Devergy

10 FEB 2017 | By  Joe Rafalowicz
This week, Power for All partner Devergy shared an honest, tell-all look at the difficulties they faced when raising awareness of their solar micro-grid technology in rural communities, and the hard work they put into creating solutions. Read their first-hand account of the challenges they countered attracting new customers, and how they have turned challenges into opportunity.


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Decentralized Renewables: 
Powering a Climate-Friendly Future