Photo Credit:   Photo Credit: IWMI &

Photo Credit:  Photo Credit: IWMI &

Hey Matt Damon, Let's Talk

28 Feb 2018 | By William Brent
Chances are that if you live in a remote part of sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia and don’t have access to electricity, you also don’t have access to clean water. That’s hundreds of millions of people. Yet to date, there has been far too little collaboration between groups advocating for universal access to clean water (Sustainable Development Goal 6)—like the famous Mr. Damon and his


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Hey Matt Damon, Lets Talk

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Massive "Under the Grid' Opportunity for Distributed Energy

30 Jan  2018 | By Rebekah Shirley
In our ongoing series with GTM Research on energy access, GTMR's Ben Attia and our PEAK research team uncover the untapped opportunity for decentralized solutions to serve "under-the-grid" communities, which total 110 million people, or one in every six African people without electricity access.