On April 13, 2016 from 11am–12:30pm, Power for All will host a session at the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings 2016 Civil Society Policy Forum, Washington DC.  

The campaign will also launch a point of view piece on the pace of investment and a Call to Action for multi-lateral development banks and donors to do their part to accelerate energy access. 

Energy Access: From Talk, to Walk… to Run

The session “Energy Access: From Talk, to Walk…to Run” will highlight how business as usual will not work if the global community expects to achieve universal energy access by 2030. Christine Eibs-Singer, Director of Global Advocacy will be joined by experts from the UN Foundation, World Bank and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF will be representing ACCESS—The Alliance of Civil Society Organisations for Clean Energy Access—whose founding members also include CAFOD, ENERGIA, Greenpeace, HIVOS, the International Institute for Environment and Development and Practical Action. 

How to attend:

Please find details of how you can register to attend the session and the Civil Society Policy Forum on the World Bank website. (Please note that the registration closes on Friday April 1.)


  • Christine Eib-Singer, Global Advocacy Director, Power for All (moderator)
  • Vivian Foster, Global Lead for Energy Economics, Markets and institutions, World Bank Group
  • Robert Ddamulira, Energy Coordinator, WWF Regional Office for Africa
  • Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director, Energy Access, UN Foundation

Presentation areas:

The context of the “need for speed” in the delivery of policy and finance solutions to accelerate the delivery of energy access will open the session. Three specific areas will be presented:

  1. The Access Investment Model (AIM)—a world bank tool to assist governments and other stakeholders in modeling the cost of multi-tiered energy access plans;
  2. The Sustainable Access Energy Forum—a multi stakeholder approach to strengthening the enabling environment around investments, planning, policy and regulation, aimed at improving decision-making;
  3. The “Billion Dollar Opportunity”—presenting a portfolio of investment and financing opportunities in energy access.