A Zambian farmer charges his phone with a solar light | Photo: Steve Woodward / SolarAid 

A Zambian farmer charges his phone with a solar light | Photo: Steve Woodward / SolarAid 

Lighting is just the start. The next step in energy access is creating affordable, super-efficient appliances that give people more services. Efficiency gains have led to 50% cost reductions for solar lights in the past 5 years and similar efficiency breakthroughs are now being seen in TVs, fans, fridges, and more. 

This month’s Power for All Perspective profiles key facts about efficient appliances and highlights the Efficiency for Access Coalition (E4A), who launched their campaign at COP21 by the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) and Sustainable Energy for All. Check it out:

» Power for All Perspective: Why Efficient Appliances Matter (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Global LEAP has been a leader in efficiency for access research and advocacy in recent years, the new initiative provides a cross-cutting platform to unite and amplify current efforts, mobilize resources, catalyze emerging markets for off-grid end-use technologies, and strengthen linkages with broader supply-side energy access efforts. 

Dr. Rose Mutiso, co-lead of Global LEAP explained: “Markets for distributed renewable (DRE) technologies such as solar lanterns and solar home systems are growing rapidly, benefiting millions globally... Super-efficient appliances, equipment and other end-use devices will have a transformational impact by increasing the utility and affordability of these DRE technologies, making the most out of every watt supplied.”

Find out more about E4A and get behind this important campaign during the 2016 Year of Action (PDF, 3.6 MB).