In the article, Africa and the Invention of a Decentralised Renewable Grid, originally printed in ESI Africa, Jim Rogers, former CEO of Duke Energy and Power for All ambassador looks at the coming energy revolution. 

Rogers notes: “Big infrastructure is tempting – but the reality is that a ‘small is beautiful’ approach is proving to be the clear path for rural electrification in Africa.” As well as the high costs and low energy demands of rural customers, he explains: “even if it were possible to find the hundreds of billions of dollars needed to extend the grid in the near term, the challenge of maintaining it would be acute.” On a continent the size of the US, India, China, and most of Europe put together, there is currently “12% of the 725,000 kilometres of high-voltage transmission lines in the United States.” 

Read more on the how decentralized renewables will be a “lean, clean growth machine” in the full article from ESI Africa:

» Africa and the Invention of a Decentralised Renewable Grid (PDF, 746 KB)