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Thompson Reuters Foundation:
Five lessons from Kenya's energy access boom

14 SEPT 2017 | Kenya’s market for decentralised renewables is the fastest-moving in Africa, with 15-20 percent of Kenyan households use solar lighting, a pioneering green mini-grids programme, thousands of biodigesters and 3,000 megawatts of micro-hydro systems. Muriithi Micheni joined Power for All to share 5 lessons from the country's energy access boom. 

Inside Climate News
Solar Power Taking Hold in Nigeria, One Mobile Phone at a Time

09 FEB 2017 | As decentralized solar springs up in Nigeria, and Lumos receives $90 million investment, it seems pay-as-you-go solar is the clearest blueprint for—at least partially —addressing this problem of the 1.2 billion people on the planet with no electricity. 

 Solar Mini-Grid - Credit: Arnergy

Solar Mini-Grid - Credit: Arnergy

Daily Trust
Agency advocates free tariff on imported renewable energy equipment

26 DEC 2016 | Power for All, an international campaign canvassing for access to electricity in Nigeria, has advocated the removal of payment of tariff on assured renewable energy technologies’ equipment imported into Nigeria. Replacing all of the kerosene, candles and batteries currently used for off-grid lighting in Nigeria with modern decentralized renewables would save the country over $1.4 billion each year.

 MOU Signing between REASL and SLAMFI - Credit: Power for All

MOU Signing between REASL and SLAMFI - Credit: Power for All

First household solar pilot kits launched in Sierra Leone

05 DEC 2016 | The Sierra Leone Association for Microfinance Institutions (SLAMFI) and the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) came together to launch the pioneering household solar pilot project in Sierra Leone on the 1st of December.

 Credit: ESI Africa

Credit: ESI Africa

ESI Africa
Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria – launched

25 NOV 2016 | At the WAPIC conference, industry leaders witnessed the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, which will aid the country’s 2030 energy mix. Decentralised and renewable energy solutions we cited as a fast and affordable way to increase power generation and energy access.

All Africa:
Sierra Leone: Off-Grid Solar Can Save Lives in Salone

23 NOV 2016 | Civil society organizations join together to support the Power for All campaign in Sierra Leone, driving energy access and improving access to vital services. "Off-grid solar and other renewable solutions can save lives by powering medical equipment, refrigerating vaccines and illuminating emergency operations."

 A solar mini-grid powers a barber shop | Image: Steamaco

A solar mini-grid powers a barber shop | Image: Steamaco

Taste of solar power builds appetite for more in Kenya, survey finds

31 OCT 2016 | In Kenya, one of the countries leading Africa’s push toward solar energy use, experimentation with solar lighting is fast expanding into broader use of renewable power for business, energy experts say. 

 Image | Aspire Africa

Image | Aspire Africa

Aspire Africa:
New Fund to Propel Decentralized Renewables into the Mainstream

18 OCT 2016 | An industry knows it has gone mainstream when the most risk-averse money -  institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds and endowments - starts to move in. That happened on Friday for decentralised renewable energy.

 A women charges her phone using decentralized solar | Image: Reuters

A women charges her phone using decentralized solar | Image: Reuters

Thompson Reuters Foundation
To end poverty by 2030, we need energy access for all by 2020

11 OCT 2016 | Energy access, aka SDG7, is fundamental. Which means it must be achieved far earlier than 2030 to give the other electricity-reliant goals—education, healthcare, gender, equality, water, agriculture, sanitation - enough time to be implemented. We're making progress, but must work faster to reach sustainable energy for all goals by 2030.

 Image: Global Leap

Image: Global Leap

Decentralized Energy:
A 'green revolution' built on efficiency

16 SEPT 2016 | Power for All interviews Michael Leibreich and explores three emerging energy access trends and learns why the founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, believes that the shift to low power appliances is leading to a new clean energy 'green revolution'.

Thompson Reuters Foundation:
Five lessons from Kenya's energy access boom

14 SEPT 2016 | Kenya’s market for decentralised renewables is the fastest-moving in Africa, with 15-20 percent of Kenyan households use solar lighting, a pioneering green mini-grids programme, thousands of biodigesters and 3,000 megawatts of micro-hydro systems. Muriithi Micheni joined Power for All to share 5 lessons from the country's energy access boom. 

Greentech Media:
Are We Really Solving Global Energy Poverty?

01 SEPT 2016 | Between 2000 and 2014, the World Bank Group alone invested $63.5 billion in electricity access. But we still have more than 1.5 billion people without access to energy services. The Energy Gang talk to Aaron Leopold, Deputy Director of Global Advocacy at Power for All, and ask: What is the disconnect?

 Micro-Grid, Mali | Image: FRES

Micro-Grid, Mali | Image: FRES

ESI Africa:
Hybrid Micro-Grids: beginning of the end for diesel gen-sets

23 AUG 2016 | Diesel-based generation serves both rural and urban areas, but it is rural and remote power supply where it is most ripe for disruption, especially as Africa targets 2025 to achieve universal energy access for its more than 600 million un-electrified... And that disruption has already begun.

 Solar Irrigation powers water for farmers in Zimbabwe | Image: Zonful Energy

Solar Irrigation powers water for farmers in Zimbabwe | Image: Zonful Energy

Daily Mail:
Zimbabwe: Affordable Solar Schemes Light Way to Energy for All in Zimbabwe

08 AUG 2016 | Zimbabwe produces only around 60 percent of the electricity it needs when demand is highest. Innovative ways to pay for solar power systems could make clean energy affordable for many of Zimbabwe's 1.5 million households that lack electricity.

 Solar panels on Lomo School, Sierra Leone | Image: IBIS

Solar panels on Lomo School, Sierra Leone | Image: IBIS

FreeTown Insight:
From Revolution to Implementation

25 JULY 2016 | "The stage has been set for the private sector to play a leading role in Sierra Leone's critical Energy Revolution." Ami Dumbuya, Power for All Sierra Leone Campaign Leader profiles key actions to drive the country-wide Energy Revolution and combat energy poverty.

 Image: Azuri Technologies

Image: Azuri Technologies

'How Decentralised Renewable Energy Can Boost Nigerian's Access to Power' 

23 JUNE 2016 | As Power for All launches in Nigeria, new Director, Ms. Ify Malo, explains how distributed renewables, are the fastest, most cost-effective path to modern energy services in emerging markets, a potent growth engine for economies and jobs and an impact multiplier.

 Installing a minigrid in India | Image: Smart Power for Rural Development

Installing a minigrid in India | Image: Smart Power for Rural Development

Providing a jolt of support to power the minigrid market

08 JUNE 2016 | Technological improvements and cost reductions have helped minigrids overcome some of the barriers they once faced, but development banks and aid donors play a key role in catalyzing the growth of the minigrid industry.

 Photo: Steamaco Microgrid - Vulcan Impact Investing

Photo: Steamaco Microgrid - Vulcan Impact Investing

ESI Africa:
Renewable Mini-Grids: Unlocking Africa's Rural Powerhouse

20 APR 2016 | Clean energy mini-grids can power machines, irrigation, refrigeration and more. More nimble than traditional infrastructure they are providing a faster way to electrify rural regions. Renewable mini-grids can unlock the potential of thousands of African communities. 

 Photo: UK Department for International Development

Photo: UK Department for International Development

Discourse Media:
Power Struggle: The new business case for providing electricity to the world's poorest

20 APR 2016 | Even in the most isolated, impoverished places, markets are emerging around off-grid energy solutions. And customers are willing to pay. Is global energy poverty an overlooked business opportunity waiting to be discovered?

 Photo: Practical Action

Photo: Practical Action

The World Bank:
Why "Inefficiency" is needed in energy financing for Africa

01 MAR 2016 | To achieve universal energy access a huge proportion of big, efficient infrastructure finance needs to be replaced with more complicated support to lots of small players. We need to be thinking about how we can use small “inefficient”, investments to deliver big, efficient results.

 Photo: SolarAid

Photo: SolarAid

2 Billion Underserved Customers Are Waiting for Energy Services

01 DEC 2015 | The problem of energy access is also a huge opportunity. “Energy as a service” is creating viable business models that can bring power to the bottom billion. What are we waiting for?

 Photo: Greenlight Planet

Photo: Greenlight Planet

Power for All: Driving Energy Access Through Startup Mentality, Social Media and Grassroots Work 

20 NOV 2015 | “There are many other hurdles… but above all, there is opportunity.” Forbes profiles the huge economic opportunity of achieving universal energy access and how decentralized renewables are sparking rapid change. 

  Image: Power for All

Image: Power for All

23 SEPT 2015 | Mark Zuckerberg released a video earlier this month to mark a staggering company milestone—one billion users in a single day... What Facebook did not say is that today, there are another billion people in the world—mostly in rural sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia—who will never see the “What is 1,000,000,000” video. They won’t see it because they don't have access to electricity. 

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Medium.com: India: Ground zero for scaling electricity access and SDG7
8 AUG 2017 | For good reason, sub-Saharan Africa gets much of the attention when it comes to electricity access. It is home to more than 600 million energy poor spread across nearly 50 countries. But it is likely going to be India — by itself home to roughly 300 million unelectrified — where decentralized renewable energy (DRE) achieves the scale needed to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7).

Medium.com: Sector Reform + Distributed Technology = 24x7 Power
1 AUG 2017 | A key lesson from the past decade of electrification in India and the surge of decentralized energy technologies is that grid extension and decentralized solutions are complementary. Although distributed power may be a viable alternative to grid extension in sparsely populated countries with limited electric grid infrastructure.

Medium.com: ENGIE ups stake in India last-mile market
30 JULY 2017 | Rassembleurs d’Energies, a sustainable energy investment and technical assistance arm of giant France-based utility ENGIE, announced its participation in a new $2.5 million round of investment in Mera Gao Power(MGP), an Indian micro-grid developer.

Aspire Africa: New energy boss targets access, Africa as World Bank priorities
19 JULY 2017 | Riccardo Puliti, the newly appointed head of energy and extractives at the World Bank in charge of investing $8 billion a year, says that Africa and India will be the bank’s main focus, and he will pursue an all-of-the-above approach, with a major focus on natural gas and renewables, while coal will remain off limits.

Medium.com: Waste biomass power set to surge in India
17 JULY 2017 | Solar energy has received most of the attention in India’s ongoing energy transition. But the country’s draft National Energy Policy (NEP) has called for putting greater resources behind projects that convert waste agricultural biomass into electricity.

Medium.com: Roti and a renewable recipe for better livelihoods in rural India
13 JULY 2017 | Clear linkages exist between distributed energy, energy efficiency and sustainable livelihoods. However, a holistic solution needs to go beyond the confines of technology, and integrate aspects of capacity building, appropriate financing and market intelligence. Take the case of roti.

Medium.com: New Report: Progress on 24x7 Power for All
12 JULY 2017 | India’s government has made transparency a centerpiece of its rural electrification campaign, called Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY). A new update summarizing the status of India’s overall energy reform program (called 24x7 Power for All, or Ujwal Bharat) was recently issued, reporting that 73% of villages have been electrified under DDUGJY as of May 19, 2017.

Medium.com: Uttar Pradesh: Opportunity to Scale Energy-as-a-Service Models for Rural Electrification
11 JULY 2017 | With a population of 200 million, Uttar Pradesh (UP) is India’s largest state. It is also the state with the largest number of unelectrified people. In the 2011 Census of India, only one in four rural households used electricity as their primary source of lighting.

10 JULY 2017 | Against the background that electricity consumers in the country remain grossly under-served with one of the lowest energy-per-capita rates in the world, we hope the authorities will buy into the call to explore renewable energy. Utilising the country’s untapped energy sources, estimated at 93,950 megawatts, will not only help in improving the welfare of many Nigerians, it will also aid national productivity and growth.

Medium.com: Virtually battery-free, 100% renewable, remotely-managed rural utility is coming
4 JULY 2017 | Husk Power Systems, an early pioneer in developing micro-grids for poor, rural communities in India and sub-Saharan Africa, plans a 7-fold increase in its power plants to 600 within 5 years, expanding into a fully-fledged rural utility that delivers reliable 24/7 grid-compatible power and better customer service than incumbent utilities.

Solar Magazine: Africa, Indian Governments Aim to Leverage Solar PV, Mini-Grids in Joint Bid to Eradicate Energy Poverty
3 JULY 2017 | A confluence of key driving factors has unleashed a growing wave of off-grid solar PV and mini/microgrid installations and systems deployments across the developing world. 

Medium.com: 100,000 reasons not to forget the urban-rural connection in SDG7
2 JULY 2017 | Most international focus on electricity poverty is understandably on remote, rural communities, where 900 million people live without power. But as Pollinate Energy just proved in India, cities also face similar challenges. Pollinate, which distributes solar and other life-changing products to vulnerable urban migrants, just announced surpassing its 100,000 customer.

Medium.com: 5 untapped apps of solar irrigation
28 JUNE 2017 | The benefits of solar pumps are not restricted to irrigation. Besides reducing pollution and emissions by 100,000 reasons not to forget the urban-rural connection in SDG7 diesel generators, they can deliver many other applications, which is critical in a country where agriculture accounts for 15% of GDP and more than 50% of the population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Vanguard: NERC’s mini-grid regulation to improve electricity investment – Industry stakeholders
27 JUNE 2017 | POWER for All, a global coalition of companies and civil society organisations has expressed optimism over the new regulations for electricity mini-grids by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), stressing that it will enhance investment in the power sector.

Medium.com: Distributed renewables = jobs and business
25 JUNE 2017 | India is a leader in the global surge in renewable energy jobs. According to IRENA’s recent 2017 report, India currently represents 385,000 jobs, making it the 4th largest national jobs market behind China, the United States and Brazil. Meanwhile, new CEEW and NRDC research projects India will create 1 million jobs by 2022 if the government hits its target of 175 GW of renewable energy. 

Medium.com: Scaling rural electrification via bank capacity building
22 JUNE 2017 | The biggest frustration voiced by enterprises looking to deliver last-mile electricity connections to the rural poor is lack of finance. To solve this major roadblock to scale, SELCO Foundation has developed an innovative program that has nothing to do with money. It focuses instead on people and process. 

Medium.com: How distributed solar can save India $10 billion, eliminate 5% of emissions, increase farmer incomes
21 JUNE 2017 | An innovative project in India to aggregate power generated from microgrid-powered solar irrigation into farmer-owned electricity cooperatives is showing impressive results, with the potential to save India’s government $10 billion in farm power subsidies, conserve scarce groundwater and eliminate 5% of India’s total GHG emissions.

Leadership: NERC’s Mini-Grid Regulations Will Boost Renewables Innovation
17 JUNE 2017 | Stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, Nigeria has applauded the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC’s), new mini-grid regulations, noting the law will boost renewables innovation, and provide electricity to the underserved and unserved Nigerian population.

Medium.com: Bihar calls on investors to help decarbonize
15 JUNE 2017 | Bihar’s Energy Minister, Shri Bijendra Prasad Yadav called on investors to come to Bihar state, one of India’s most electricity poor, to help achieve bold new renewable energy targets and decarbonize the economy.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News: Multi-billion dollar Africa-India partnership aims to eradicate energy poverty
12 JUNE 2017 | Pieces are falling into place for an important collaboration between India and Africa to end energy poverty. The stakes are high, as sub-Saharan Africa and India account for over 80 percent of the world’s 1.1 billion unelectrified.

Medium.com: “Utility in a Box” — a mini-grid solution for scaling last-mile connectivity
11 JUNE 2017 | Prototypes of an integrated, standardized “Utility in a Box” (UiB) are being deployed in rural India starting this month, with the goal of significantly reducing the cost of mini-grid systems and contributing more significantly to India’s goal of national electrification by 2019.

Leadership: Gender Specific Approach To Renewables Will Reduce Energy Poverty In Nigeria
10 JUNE 2017 | Ify Malo, the Campaign Director, Power For All, Nigeria, a global renewable energy advocacy organization, has said energy poverty can be largely reduced via gender specific approaches to renewable energy generation and systems distribution.

Medium.com: Mini-grids fuelling micro-enterprise in rural India
7 JUNE 2017 | Rajni Shukla was struggling to make ends meet for her family on the meagre earnings of her husband. Meeting the growing needs of two young school-going children meant that she had to pick up odd sewing jobs from the women in her village. 

Medium.com: It’s time for a grid, mini-grid marriage in India
5 JUNE 2017 | India is pursuing national electrification at a breakneck pace, but in order for last-mile connectivity to become a reality for all Indians, better coordination is needed between grid operators and private mini-grid ESCOs, according to a new report.

NESG Economic and Policy Review Journal: Distributed Renewable Energy: The Answer to Nigeria's Energy Access Challenge
31 MAY 2017 | Nigeria has one of the greatest energy access challenges in the world, with an un-electrified population of 75 million people. Likewise, the cost of the energy access deficit is huge. 

Climate Scope: Tapping into data to tackle electricity poverty
31 MAY 2017 | An estimated 1.2 billion people – 16% of the global population – do not have access to electricity and more than 95% of those living without electricity are in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia.

Medium.com: Is cold storage the next ‘killer app’ for green mini-grids?
31 MAY 2017 | Many of India’s leading mini-grid developers launched their businesses by powering remote telco towers close to communities lacking reliable electricity. 

Medium.com: Bihar sets growth target for solar, mini-grid
30 MAY 2017 | Bihar state, one of India’s most electricity poor, announced a new five-year renewable energy policy that targets 3 GW of solar capacity, including 1 GW of rooftop solar and 100 MW of green mini-grids. 

Medium.com: Goyal “most important individual for the future of energy”
29 MAY 2017 | A very interesting blurb from “Energy Source”, the weekly newsletter from Financial Times US Industry and Energy Editor Ed Crooks, in which he suggests that MNRE minister Piyush Goyal is playing a central role in the global clean energy transition.

SciDev.net: Embrace decentralised renewable energy for power supply
25 MAY 2017 | Countries in Africa and South Asia should embrace inexpensive decentralised renewable energy (DRE) technologies for clean, sustainable and affordable power for all, says a report.

Sustainable Conversations: #9Questions: Renewable Energy
16 MAY 2017 | Ify Malo who leads the Power for All campaign in Nigeria shares expert insight and advice on how Africa can maximize this immense renewable energy potential in ensuring that all Africans have access to clean and modern energy by 2030.

Medium.com: Scaling Solar Irrigation in India (and Africa)
6 MAY 2017 | India’s market for solar pumps for irrigation and drinking water was virtually non-existent in 2011, when Claro Energy was founded. But recent attention from federal and state governments, including subsidies, has created a $700 million annual market that is set to expand rapidly.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: How to help business speed up electricity access for the poor
27 APR 2017 |Providing clean electricity to everyone in the world is one of the most daunting challenges facing our generation. A new report tracking country-by-country progress on sustainable energy trends make this crystal clear.

decentralized energy: Decentralized renewable energy can unlock UN sustainability goal
20 APR 2017 |A United Nations goal to end energy poverty by 2030 can only be achieved by accelerating investment in decentralized renewable energy, according to campaign group Power for All, backed by analysis produced by the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at the University of California, Berkeley.

News Ghana: IDs 5 policies to end rural energy poverty in Africa
14 APR 2017 |A new report ranks the policy readiness of Sub-Saharan African countries to lift their people out of “energy poverty” and identifies for the first time 5 clear policy measures that national governments can take to achieve clean, affordable power for all before the UN target of 2030 (known as Sustainable Development Goal 7, or SDG7).

devex: Trump's proposed cuts to DOE cast shadow over clean energy solutions
13 APR 2017 | “What now?” was the question Dr Jonathan Pershing, the former U.S. special envoy for climate change who now heads the environment program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, recently put to a room full of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

12 APR 2017 | A groundbreaking report recently released by Power for All identifies the five most important national energy policies needed to end electricity poverty for approximately 1 billion rural poor (mostly living in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia), and outlines the steps governments can take to implement those policies.

SmartCitiesCouncil: Report: End energy poverty faster with policies supporting distributed renewables
10 APR 2017 | A year ago, Power for All released a report that concluded ending energy poverty by 2030 -- the focus of UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 -- can only be achieved for the rural poor by accelerating investment in decentralized renewable energy. 

CleanTechnica: Power For All Outlines Policies Necessary For Ending Energy Poverty By 2030
10 APR 2017 | A follow-up report published by Power for All has outlined a suite of policies impoverished nations can adopt to accelerate the adoption of decentralized renewable energy products and services, which is a big step on the road to providing reliable electricity to the over billion people without access to energy.

The Economic Times: India, Bangladesh hold 97% renewable energy market: Report 
10 APR 2017 | NEW DELHI: Five countries, including India and Bangladesh, lead the world in solar home lighting systems and the two south Asian nations together account for 97 per cent of the renewable energy market in the region.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Is energy access finance finally ready to flow?
7 APR 2017 | Insufficient financing has long plagued efforts to get electricity to the 1 billion rural poor who wake up every day without it. But some recent signs—a $3.5 billion debt fund, the expected approval of a $150 million first-of-its-kind World Bank “off-grid” loan and local African and Asian commercial banks entering the fray— indicate that things are changing.

Greentech Media: A Plan to Solve Energy Poverty With Distributed Renewables
7 APR 2017 | Putting an end to energy poverty is potentially within sight. Distributed renewable energy can deliver energy access to the billion-plus people around the world who lack it a lot faster than many people realize—and far quicker than the traditional approach of extending centralized electricity grids.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: FEATURE-Micro-grids powered by the sun boost fortunes of Lake Victoria fishermen
4 APR 2017 | Mary Atieno was often forced to sell her tilapia well below the market rate because she had to get rid of the fish quickly in the searing heat bearing down on her village on the shore of Lake Victoria. Lack of electricity meant Atieno was at the mercy of commercial fish buyers.

Thompson Reuters Foundation: Why it’s time to end the myth of the “energy poor”
31 MAR 2017 | 1.2 billion people lack electricity in the world today, and that number is set to rise as population growth outstrips new power connections. Nearly 1 in 4 of them are in India. 

The Nation: Firm to boost solar power generation with N715b
26 MAR 2017 | SOLA Nigeria has set machinery in motion to boost solar power energy generation across the country with 13million pounds (about N715b), The Nation has gathered.

Awoko: Sierra Leone - Renewable energy partners commit to accelerate growth
24 MAR 2017 | Civil society, private sector and government made a commitment in a “joint call to action” on access to renewable energy. Commitments  will accelerate the growth of the decentralized renewable energy market vital for reaching 6 million people living in energy poverty.

ThisDay: Edozien: FG to Kick-start Rural Electrification Fund with N2bn
23 MAR 2017 | The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Power, Mr. Louis Edozien, disclosed that the government has planned to kick-start the REF with N2billion in the 2017 budget, to enable private investors with viable off grid renewable electricity projects to access finance.

Punch: FG approves N2bn for Rural Electrification Fund
23 MAR 2017 | The Federal Government on Wednesday announced that it would jumpstart the Rural Electrification Fund with N2bn and that this had been provided for in the 2017 budget estimates.

The Guardian: FG approves N82b for roads, votes N2.3b for rural electrification
23 MAR 2017 | The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Louis Edozien, said the Federal Government has concluded plans to launch more than N2.3 billion rural electrification fund, subject to the approval of the National Assembly.

The New York Times: Solar Experiment Lets Neighbors Trade Energy Among Themselves
13 MAR 2017 | Brooklyn is known the world over for things small-batch and local, like designer clogs, craft bourbon and artisanal sauerkraut.Now, it is trying to add electricity to the list.

Vanguard: Why govt needs to review taxes, tariffs on renewable energy components
06 FEB 2017 | Campaign Director for Power For All in Nigeria, Ify Malo, urged the Federal Government to address the issue of taxes and tariffs for renewable energy components in the country, to enable the growth of the distributed renewables sector, and millions of people to access power.

Vanguard: Nigeria has large market for renewable energy
02 FEB 2017 | As the  largest country in Africa, Nigeria has the greatest number of people without access to electricity on the continent—60 per cent of the population. The size of the off-grid market means that Nigeria offers a great opportunity for the decentralized renewables sector.   

Decentralized Energy: New year, new opportunities for decentralized renewables
24 JAN 2017 | With the new year come new opportunities for decentralized energy around the world. From NGOs to utilities, government initiatives to investor-driven funds, established bases to new frontiers and across the technology spectrum, decentralized renewables and energy storage are entering 2017 on a high note.  

Vanguard: Stakeholders make case for renewable energy
17 JAN 2017 | In a bid to meet the Sustainable Energy For All benchmark set by the Nigerian government, stakeholders in the renewable energy sub-sector have called on the federal government to provide enabling environment to engender development of decentralized renewables. 

Concord Times: Solar Energy Saves Money
12 JAN 2017 | The Secretary of the Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone has highlighted that the use of solar energy would help save families’ money, and help businesses thrive. Replacing all the batteries and kerosene used for off-grid lighting in Sierra Leone with renewable off-grid solutions would enable savings of over US$105 million per year. 

This Day: The Renewable Energy Option
04 JAN 2017 | Nigeria needs 12,000 MW of power but can barely produce 4,000, 17 per cent of what one hydropower station in China generates. But the problem is not just the number of megawatts: but how many people and businesses can access energy. How do we get out of the crisis? We need to give decentralised renewables a try.

The Herald: Agency advocates more collaboration with multi-laterals on renewable off-grid electricity devt.
03 JAN 2017 | Power for All calls on the Nigerian Government at all levels to intensify partnerships with other willing off-grid renewable developing establishments to accelerate access to electricity.

Transport Day: Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria Debuts
05 DEC 2016 | The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) was launched at the annual West African Power Industry Convention. REAN’s members manufacture, install, maintain, sell and finance renewable energy solutions, including rapidly deployable decentralised technologies.

Champion Newspapers: Nigeria signs MoU with GE for five solar power plants
30 NOV 2016 | Nigeria has recently been making noticeable strides in adopting renewable energy resources, as witnessed last week during the annual West African Power Industry Convention; the country launched its first ever Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN).

Business Hilights: Nigeria consolidates renewable energy industry, forms REAN
26 NOV 2016 | Nigerian investors’ in renewable energy sub sector have deepened their seriousness in growing the industry by launching the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria. 

Awoko: Bringing clean power to Salone…Power for All engages CSO’s
23 NOV 2016 | PRESSD Sierra Leone and Power for All, engaged twenty five civil society and non-governmental organizations with activities and plans to support the Sierra Leone Energy Revolution.

Energy & Carbon: Ghana, Africa’s frontier in pay-as-you-go solar charging
08 NOV 2016 | PEG-Ghana, Ghana’s largest off-grid solar provider, pegs its entire business model on a mobile money transfer system that enables millions of Ghanaians to transfer money to other users, pay bills, purchase goods, earn interest and borrow, all from a cell phone. 

SustainZim: Distributed Renewable Energy: Powering the Future
07 NOV 2016 | Centralized grid energy alone is simply unable to address Zimbabwe's current and growing energy needs. Decentralized renewables are fast to deploy, affordable, and readily available.

The Guardian: Decentralised renewables can rapidly accelerate energy access
06 NOV 2016 | Clean, reliable and quickly available decentralized renewable energy cannot come soon enough for Nigeria, especially for the young and growing population for whom economic opportunity is becoming more limited.

Ensia: Africa's Green Energy Challenge: mega projects, off-grid, or somewhere in between?
04 NOV 2016 | For overall economic growth you are going to need new large-scale power, but you can’t see that as the only solution...There needs to be more deliberate and conscious integration of both centralized and decentralized solutions.

PV Magazine: Kenya is keen to expand solar deployment
01 NOV 2016 | A survey conducted in Kenya by Vulcan Impact Investing and mini-grid operator Steama.co, found that those who had benefited from solar mini-grids were eager for more solar power, while also highlighting how the technology had weened communities off kerosene and batteries.

Concord Times: Power For All says 13 solar companies vetted for import waivers
01 NOV 2016 | A total of thirteen (13) solar companies from the Renewable Energy Association have been vetted and approved by the Sierra Leone Minister of Energy, Henry Macualey for import waivers and Green Lane status.

Standard Times: Sierra Leone makes progress report in Energy revolution initiative
28 OCT 2016 | Today, the Government of Sierra Leone provided an update on its Energy Revolution initiative to supply basic power to all citizens by 2025. Progress includes elimination of taxes and tariffs, and a customs 'Green Lane' for companies selling quality solar products. 

ESI Africa: Exclusive interview with Ify Malo, Nigeria campaign director for Power for All
18 OCT 2016 | "One opportunity we see currently is the huge investor interest in the renewable energy market in Nigeria. There is a significant uptick of renewable energy investments in the country, and it is clear that Nigeria is on the cusp of an energy revolution." 

Thompson Reuters Foundation: Climate fund to push decentralised renewables into Africa's mainstream
18 OCT 2016 | The Green Climate Fund agreed to become the anchor investor in a $3.5 billion debt fund for decentralised renewables proposed by Deutsche Bank AG. The $10 billion GCF is set to channel billions of dollars in climate change funding to developing countries in the coming years. 

The Guardian: Power for All campaign for renewable energy surpasses 100 partners
17 OCT 2016 | Power for All, a global campaign to radically accelerate the adoption of renewable, decentralized energy solutions and eradicate energy poverty, announced that it surpassed its pledge to recruit 100 civil society and private sector partners.

Planet Save: Clean Decentralized Energy For The World’s Poor — Power for All!
15 OCT 2016 | Universal energy access is attainable, but it can only happen by uniting behind a global voice for the sector. Power for All, with its emphasis on modern, clean technology, can now leapfrog slow, inefficient and centralized systems.

RealNews: Renewable Energy Power for All Campaign Nets 125 Partners
14 OCT 2016 | Power for All campaign for decentralised renewable energy surpasses 100 partners trying to reach the 1.1 billion people worldwide currently lacking access to electricity.

Recharge: Power for All reaches 125 partners as RE drive gathers pace
13 OCT 2016 | Power for All—a global campaign to speed up the adoption of renewable energy—has passed a pledged milestone of recruiting 100 civil society and private sector partners. 

The Authority: Focus shifts to renewables as Nigeria battles energy shortages
05 OCT 2016 | Nigerians are getting really frustrated with the grid system and are looking for alternative. We see the decentralized renewables market taking off, which is why we have to come together to make sure it takes off even faster together.

Off Grid Nigeria: Independence from Blackout, DRE as a possible solution
01 OCT 2016 | As Nigeria marks the 56th year of independence,  millions still lack basic energy access. Decentralized renewables can provide a viable, affordable and rapid way to increase energy access—and see an end to power blackouts. 

East African Business News: Sierra Leone: Journalists Urged to Join Energy Access Campaign
22 SEPT 2016 | Sierra Leone media learn about decentralized renewables and how switching from expensive battery powered torches and kerosene to solar lightning will save the country’s residents US$105 million per year.

263 Chat: Clean energy technologies tonic to development
20 SEPT 2016 | In Zimbabwe, there must be a shift in the acceptance of renewable power if the country is to attain energy access in line with Sustainable Development Goal 7 and “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all

Awoko: Power is essential to human, economic growth
14 SEPT 2016 | Switching from expensive battery powered torches and kerosene to solar lighting in Sierra Leone would save the country’s residents about $105 million per year, while larger decentralized renewable products can be used to power enterprises, health services, schools and agriculture.

This Day: Renewable Energy is the Way Out of Nigeria’s Power Deficit
13 SEPT 2016 | Power for All's Campaign Leader in Nigeria, Ify Malo, explains how greater support for decentralized renewables can lead to rapid uptake in Nigeria, which will accelerate energy access and alleviate energy poverty.

All Africa: Zimbabwe: What's Holding Back Off-Grid Renewable Energy? 
09 SEPT 2016 | Organisations working to boost access to energy say that for off-grid systems to work effectively, forthcoming policies must include targets, milestones, and monitoring and evaluation protocols for all types of renewable energy.

263 Chat: Media Critical in Promoting Decentralised Renewable Energy
29 AUG 2016 | By having a broader understanding of energy issues as well as reporting on them, the media in Zimbabwe is beginning to participate in energy debates as well as discussions that affect them on a daily basis.

Renewable Energy World: Decentralized Renewables & The Rise of the Micro-Enterprise Economy
19 AUG 2016 | With rapid market growth and increased investment in decentralized renewables, many companies are now accelerating their push into productive use solutions. This is resulting in the emergence of a “Micro-Enterprise Economy”.

Reuters: Affordable Solar Schemes Light Way to Energy for All in Zimbabwe
08 AUG 2016 | Only focusing on grid extension and increasing generation capacity will not allow us to attain energy access for all by 2030. To meet the internationally agreed goals, distributed renewable energy is a critical solution.

Awareness Times: Power for All Sets Target to Meet President Koroma 50,000 Solar Units Deadline
29 JULY 2016 | The Sierra Leone Energy Revolution aims to attract decentralized solar enterprises and investors to Sierra Leone to meet ambitious targets: distribute 50,000 solar units by the end of 2016, 250,000 solar units by the end of 2017 and extend basic power supply to all people in Sierra Leone within 9 years.

Renewable Energy World: To Fight Energy Poverty, Africa Embraces Both Renewable & Non-renewable Energy
05 JULY 2016 | The African Development Bank's New Plan aims to support 75 million off-grid connections by 2025. This is a huge step in the right direction, but only if it guarantees the required funding and access to that funding in a timely fashion.

Rocket News: To Fight Energy Poverty, Africa Embraces Both Renewable and Non-renewable Energy
05 JULY 2016 | The African Development Bank (AfDB) has a soft spot for renewable energy in Africa, but its push for energy efficiency in a new ten-year plan embraces a controversial approach—all sources of energy are acceptable. Power for All, supports the important focus on energy, but insists clean energy access is key. 

Chronicle: Renewable Energy a Possibility
22 JUNE 2016 | The Permanent Secretary of the Zimbabwe Energy and Power Development Ministry discusses development of the Rural Energy Master Plan at the launch of the national Power for All campaign in Harare. 

Greentech Media: Are Global Goals to End Energy Poverty by 2030 Doomed With a Centralized Approach?
20 JUNE 2016 | Organizations such as the World Bank back the creation of Western-style centralized power grids to achieve the United Nations' goal of ending energy poverty by 2030. But these infrastructure projects take too long and are too costly.

Zambia Daily Mail: AfDB energy strategy hinders progress
16 JUNE 2016 | A broad coalition of private sector energy companies and civil society groups issued a new report that shows a huge missed opportunity by the African Development Bank (AfDB) to achieve the financial institution’s goal of universal energy access by 2025.

Decentralized Energy: Energy Access: It's the policy, stupid
14 JUNE 2016 | In recent months, many national governments have expanded existing targets and policies for decentralized renewables or created new ones, but policy and finance have to catch up with technology. 

Renewable Energy World: Policy, Not Finance, Biggest Obstacle to Scaling Decentralized Renewable Energy
13 JUNE 2016 | By William Brent
Renewable energy companies in emerging markets frequently lament the shortage of financing as the main barrier to scaling decentralized solutions. But at CEM7, industry leaders singled out the lack of supportive national energy policies as the biggest obstacle to accelerated growth.

GreenBiz: Bold goals at CEM7: Philips projects 2 billion LEDs sold
02 JUNE 2016 | Energy ministers from around the world converged with business and NGO leaders and entrepreneurs for the first day of the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial. But it was entrepreneurs and businesses that got things going.

Next Billion: Creating a Less Taxing Environment for Off-Grid Solar
02 JUNE 2016 | Pioneering policy-makers in East Africa have already seen off-grid markets flourish due to a supportive business environment and specific tax and duty exemptions—not to mention strong consumer demand. Others are now beginning to follow suit.

News of the South: AfDB rapped for lack of focus
26 MAY 2016 | The African Development Bank has been criticised for maintaining focus on large infrastructure only at the expense of energy projects based on time to access that would allow the emergence of decentralised renewables in energy.

News Ghana: Low investment hinders access to energy
25 MAY 2016 | New report says the opportunity costs of delaying access to energy could be remedied if multilateral development banks and infrastructure development agencies incorporate the full spectrum of energy options into their plans, including decentralized renewables.

Thompson Reuters Foundation: African development goals are powerless without clean, distributed energy
23 MAY 2016 | Energy is vital to meet sustainable development goals, but with a business as usual approach to energy access we will have no time to meet them. Multilateral development banks must take urgent action to #endenergypovertyfaster so we can meet global goals. 

Reuters: Sierra Leone solar push aims to bring electricity to all by 2025
11 MAY 2016 | An Energy Revolution in Sierra Leone aims to provide electricity to all of its 6 million citizens by 2025, boost the economy, expand crucial services such as healthcare, and reduce dependency on aid. 

Discourse Media: How Africa and India are hacking the grid
22 APR 2016 | A rapidly growing army of entrepreneurs and companies in Africa and South Asia are creating a new energy paradigm built on services, community and flexibility. This energy hack could change the face of development and the chances of a generation.

Planet Save: Power For All Launches Call To Action For Development Banks To End Energy Poverty Before 2030
15 APR 2016 | At the World Bank Spring meetings Power for All launched its Call to Action, seeking to rapidly reduce the condition of energy poverty using distributed renewables and accelerate energy access. 

Thompson Reuters Foundation: Development banks urged to put more energy into power for the poor
14 APR 2016 | "The disproportionate MDB financial support for slow, expensive centralised power projects over fast, cost-effective decentralised renewables is perhaps one of the greatest missed opportunities in development today."

The World Post: The Missing Link in Global Development: Energy Access Opportunity Costs
14 APR 2016 | Despite powerful commitments by multilateral development banks little progress has been made in the fight to end energy poverty. The missing link? Energy access opportunity costs. 

ESI Africa: Exclusive Interview, Aaron Leopold, Practical Action & Power for All
1 MAR 2016 | Energy access and energy in Africa are topics gaining ground on the global agenda, partially due to the growing private sector involvement that wasn’t there in the past.

The Huffington Post: Who will be the next Amazon or Netflix of East Africa? 
29 FEB 2016 | East Africa is at the cutting edge of global energy innovation, with solar providers demonstrating the power of beyond the grid markets. Yet are these just solar companies, or are they something more? 

The World Bank: Africa Far from Sustainable Energy for All, But Showing Signs of Progress
17 FEB 2016 | Electrification is only just keeping pace with population growth in Africa but universal energy access is possible by 2030. We need to look further than "conventional approaches".

The Huffington Post: "New Deal for Energy" a Big Deal for Africa, Off-Grid
25 JAN 2016 | The New Deal for Energy in Africa is a great step towards lifting millions  from the dark, yet a greater focus on off-grid renewables can achieve universal energy access faster and at 10% of the cost.

PV Tech: Energy 'New Deal' for Africa targets universal energy access by 2025
21 JAN 2016 | The Africa Development Bank profiles its energy access plans, including 75 million new off-grid connections, at the World Economic Forum

ESI Africa: Africa and the Invention of a Renewable, Decentralised Grid
05 JAN 2016 | How to ensure that the coming energy revolution in Africa is a lean, green growth machine

Devex Impact: How Tesla plans to power the world

Greentech Media: Private and Public Funds Continue Flowing Into Off-Grid Power Projects

The Guardian: 11 routes to universal energy access in Africa by 2030

The Huffington Post: Single Week Brings More Than $125 Million to Off-Grid Energy Sector

Blue & Green Tomorrow: Power for All receives UK support to help Africa’s poor through distributed renewables

DeSmog: Power for All Shows Peabody a Real Plan to End Energy Poverty

The Huffington Post: Energy Access Is Not for Free

IEEE Spectrum: Renewable Minigrids Should Be the End Goal for Rural Poor

The Huffington Post: Power for All Campaign: Seeking a Faster Timeline for Universal Energy Access

Greenbiz: The Fight over how to power the developing world

TreeHugger: Universal energy 10 times cheaper, twice as fast with renewables, says campaign

Skoll World Forum: Energy Access Doesn't Have to Wait